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Het was een mooie zomer. De herfst wordt beter.

We've been busy. How much we have brewed. Meanwhile, beer 27 is in the keg.

From the 'Wiejese Weizen' to the 'Vodnik' A lovely fresh lager. On to 'Phooca' our Irish Stout. Followed by our End of Year beer 'Apocalypse 2019' a heavy Russian Iperial Stout. From there again through to the 'First Born' our spicy tripel.

We made these a two batches. One with grain yeast and one with liquid yeast. We are going for the grain yeast. It comes out better in the test. Praise from our testers. Then a blond beer 'Peculiar Blond' and it certainly became peculiar. The grain yeast won again in this one. This one still has to endure a test round. We are already happy with it.

From there on to 'Sickly Sweet' a Milkshake New England I.P.A. Is still fermenting in the bottle but we have high hopes. Last Sunday 'So Sorry' was bottled. This was supposed to be a Weizen but yours truly, being choatic, used the wrong malts. That kite did not work anymore. It has become a Saison.

And lastly to usher in or end autumn. Heather's Autumn Tree' an American Amber with Maple Syrup as an addition. Still lagering so no conclusions about the taste.