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DAVO kloon wedstrijd #2 (Come unDONe)

May 12 was the day of the competition. A great day. Talked a lot with fellow brewers and learned a lot. Beer sommelier Arvid Bergström was flown in to judge the beers (11 in total). In the meantime, we were treated to some tasting beers, a snack and a tour of DAVO's brewery.

The tension was mounting. Do we stand a chance? Will our "Come unDONe" be taken seriously? Or will it be spat out and we be disbarred for life?

Finally, the redeeming answer. All the beers were good in color, aroma and taste. Should they be for sale, the Sommelier would want to drink them again. For us a big compliment. The confirmation that we had made a good beer. And that's what we did it for.

Then the big question. Did we win? Were we in the top 3? No. Of course we weren't. Our "Come unDONe" was nowhere near DAVO's "the DON". We already knew that and a podium place was therefore already an illusion. And the top three were indeed very close to that original. (Yes we could taste them ourselves).
What remained was a very nice day, talking with fellow brewers, exchanging tips and most importantly receiving compliments on our beer and our label design.