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Not for sale but can be brewed.

Unfortunately, not all of our beer makes it to the store. It would be too many and we don't have the resources for that. But tasty they are. So if you are a bit handy with brewing, or if you want to be (and come on, doesn't everyone?) Grab your chance. What do you have to do for it. Simply: with each beer comes a download button for the recipe. Attention! For each recipe, take into account 8L of rinse water. That's what you need to add. Let us know how it turned out. We'd like that.



Sad is the fate of those who know. The pressure of all that knowledge can become too much for some. Indeed, there are some things better left unknown. Wasting away in oblivion. Beer seems a good solution to that end. Of course it is not. Once sober, the dark, oppressive cloud of knowledge returns and you have to start all over again. Not a good idea. You will have other problems. Enjoy your beer. But also take care of yourself.
Alc 5% EBC 21 EBU 26


APOCALYPS 2020 (R.I.S. Jaarstuk 2020)

Every year it is time to honor the fifth horseman of the apocalypse. Ronnie Soak a.k.a. Chaos. Yet another Russian Imperial Stout that reflects the all-encompassing darkness of chaos so exquisitely. Heavy, black and ominous. The end of times has been given a sweeter finish this year and that's worth something too. Although we don't know what.
Alc 8.1% EBC 264 EBU 59

BERRIED IN DARKNESS (Chocolate Raspberry tart NEIPA)

Sometimes you just feel like pie. Chocolate raspberry is one of our favorites.... Unfortunately, we are bad bakers. Fortunately, better brewers. And so our Berried Darkness saw the, uh... light.
Alc 6.2% EBC 116 EBU 49

BERRIED IN DARKNESS (Chocolate Raspberry Pie Milkstout)

Sometimes you just feel like pie. Chocolate raspberry is one of our favorites. Unfortunately, we are bad bakers. Fortunately, better brewers. And so our Berried in Darkness Raspberry Pie saw the, uh... light.
Alc 7% EBC 165 EBU 36

BERRIED IN DARKNESS (Chocolate Blueberry Pie Milkstout)

Sometimes you just feel like pie. Chocolate blueberry is one of our favorites. Unfortunately, we are bad bakers. Fortunately, better brewers. And so our Berried in Darkness Blueberry Pie saw the, uh... light.
Alc 7% EBC 165 EBU 36

BRIGHT LIGHT, BRIGHT LIGHT (Alcohol arme overhopped Larger)

Does it hurt? Just for a little while. Sometimes it's better not to take in too much alcohol. With Bright light, Bright light you get another chance to do that. So take that chance. You know it's better for you. Alc 0.5% EBC 27 EBU 35

CITROENKWAST (Fizzy Pilsener)

Just dip in the lemon juice, brush through the glass and fill with your favorite drink. That's citroenkwast. We've spoiled the fun of making it yourself by putting a ready-made citroenkwast in a bottle. You can still open it yourself, pour it and drink it. Lucky you.
Alc 4.5% EBC 15 EBU 22

DRAGONS DROOL (Russian Imperial Stout)

Special beer for special people. And if those special persons are crazy about Dungeons & Dragons, Fantasy Wargaming and Imperial Stouts, then the beer and the name are quickly found. Dragons Drool. Pitch black Dangerous beer. Would you have liked one? Sorry they're out.
Alc 10.7% EBC 158 EBU 50Brew my own


An observation horizon or a event horizon is, in cosmology, the boundary beyond which matter or light can no longer reach a certain other point. An Event horizon is relative and can be in different places for different observers. Yeah, we lost you huh. Doesn't matter, we're just simple brewers too. Our Event Horizon is a lot easier to digest. In case you got one. Cheers! Oh, watch out for the big bang.
Alc 6.7% EBC 95 EBU 29Brew my own

HORNS OF CHAOS (Dubbelbok)

Is it autumn again? Well hurry on, bring on the rain, blow us away. Let us suffer on our bikes, punish us with those lashing wet winds and leaves. Once home we know that the Horns of Chaos will be waiting for us. Warming our bones. And after all that suffering, we have earned it.
Alc 8% EBC 87 EBU 36Brew my own


Life before death is lonely and sad. But eternity is even more tedious. We've learned it in Heaven over Berlin. Life offers so much more knowing it is finite. Enjoying the little things despite the hardships. Life is worth living especially with a Russian Imperial stout rekindling the fire and warming your bones.
Alc 9% EBC 255 EBU 88Brew my own


I love the smell of mango in the morning. Did you know, this beer was bombarded with mango for more than 12 days, When it was done, we went to see. We found nothing back, nothing at all. The smell, you know how mango smells? The whole lagering tank. It smelled like... Victory.
Alc 5% EBC 14 EBU 14Brew my own


Space is big, Very big. Terribly unimaginably big. Astronauts, in spite of it, go to that great nothing. They are the new explorers, heroes, no danger too great. Floating through the black void called the universe. With nothing more than their space suit. Don't drift out too far. Stick to your ship. Space is not friendly and space does not hear your cry for help.
Alc 10% EBC 189 EBU 84Brew my own

JOYRIDE (Tripel. Inzending voor DAVO’s kloon wedstrijd 2020)

Is it legal? Certainly not. Is it punishable? We think so. Is it fun? Honestly, no idea. None of us have ever done it, so we can't advise you on this. Well, we actually advise you not to do it. Our clone then? In our humble opinion: perfection at its best. A little higher in alcohol. But we already have a Tripel. Who needs two.
Alc 9% EBC 18 EBU 28Brew my own


The most heard question after consuming a lavish meal. What's for dessert? That's our pastry stout. Liquid Crème brûlée. A little afterglow on an evening that really couldn't be better.
Alc 7.5% EBC 86 EBU 55Brew my own


APOCALYPS 2019 (R.I.S. Jaarstuk 2019)

Every year it is time to honor the fifth horseman of the apocalypse. Ronnie Soak a.ka. Chaos. Of course a Russian Imperial Stout that reflects the all-encompassing darkness of chaos so exquisitely. Heavy, black and ominous. The end of times has a bittersweet finish this year. But with its 10.6%, you won't be bothered by that until tomorrow.
Alc 10.5% EBC 481 EBU 80Brew my own


Aggressive brewing is no stranger to us and sometimes you need to light it up! From the barely, still glowing, ashes rises something beautiful. A jet-black stout, brewed with the darkest malts and low in hops. Perfection in stout. Pristine and thirst quenching. Perfect with that cheeseburger of yours.
Alc 7.5% EBC 225 EBU 43Brew my own

CORRUPTE EVA (Belgian Strong Ale)

Let's face it, the Fall wasn't fun for anyone. Not today, with all the quarreling, but certainly not in those days. You just started to think for yourself and you are immediately evicted from your house. Those were hard times. Chaos brewers have made a beautiful beer. Certainly not in honor of all this but for contemplation. Yes, that's it. In contemplation of the Fall.
Alc 8.8% EBC 111 EBU 28Brew my own

ETERNAL DARKNESS (Chocolate Milkshake IPA)

So you're too good for IPAs? We challenge you to sink into Eternal Darkness. Magnum, Cascade and Citra are your new friends. Who'll caress you silky and smooth. And having friends is nice so why wouldn't you want to. Come and join us on the Dark side.
Alc 6.5% EBC 74 EBU 59Brew my own

HEATHERS AUTUMN TREE (American Amber met maple syrup)

Autumn does strange things to a person, melancholy and wistfulness being the worst. Not to worry the brewers at Chaos beers have the answer to your worries. Heather's Autumn Tree, an amber beer with the sweetness of maple. Now see, that's comfort. That's just what you need to get through this fall weather. Go ahead and light the fire.
Alc 6.1% EBC 40 EBU 39Brew my own

PECULIAR BLOND (een hoppige Blonde)

Is it an ode to all those awesome blondes? No way man! This is just crazy blonde beer. We just put masses of Amarillo hops in it. There you go. Make a note of that in your silly book. Amarillo is the bomb. And this tasty but bitter blonde knows it all too well. All the signs are red and yet you'll keep coming back. Begging for more. What can you do when you're in love?
Alc 7.8% EBC 12 EBU 27Brew my own

PHOOCA (Irish Stout)

Just when you think you are truly lost there is light in the darkness, for the Phooca is dark as the chilly, cold night, with an EBC of 135 and bitter as chocolate. Not all darkness has to be heavy. Phooca at only 4% is your light guiding through that darkness.
Alc 4% EBC 135 EBU 41Brew my own


Crazy about IPA? Then get this NEIPA! Overhopped with Sorachi Ace and Raiku. And we really mean overhopped. Wheat and oats make the fog clouds lift, in no time you are completely lost, but what do you care. You weren't behind the wheel anyway You are enjoying your Sickly Sweet. Well done. So do we.
Alc 6.7% EBC 13 EBU 39Brew my own

SO SORRY (Saison)

So Sorry is not at all the hardest thing to say. And count on not regretting this beer. This is the beer that makes you stand up. With which you'll stand for your actions. And if you want to say So Sorry then you will. And that's great. Just like the beer you hold in your in hand. Are you BBQ'ing and the steaks are burnt? So sorry. Luckily there is still plenty of salad and baguette and it tastes great with that too.
Alc 7.7% EBC 33 EBU 18Brew my own

VODNIK (Pilsner)

Shoutout to the lager drinkers, and you probably like them too, Chaos brewers acknowldge you. We are not excluding anyone, Vodnik is unfiltered and has the cloudiness that you only get by stirring with a crooked stick in pool of clear water. All the good stuff that's at the bottom is in here. A pinch of caramalt provides just that little extra. And still you drink lager. That's what you wanted, right?
Alc 5.5% EBC 11 EBU 33Brew my own

WIEJESE WEIZEN (Hefeweizen. Inzending bierwedstrijd Grand Café Zuijdt te Zwolle)

Did you really want another banana-flavored weizen? No way, you've had enough of those already. Wiejese Weizen doesn't taste of banana at all. This beer is full of cream, misty and with a slightly sour finish. The perfect mature weizen beer that you'll want another one of and why not.
Alc 5.6% EBC 27 EBU 16Brew my own


COME UNdonE (R.I.S. Whiskey infused. Inzending voor DAVO’s kloon wedstrijd 2019)

If I were you I would seriously consider not going out the door tonight. Don't post either, you'll probably regret it tomorrow. With Come unDONe your consciousness will unravel, with a bit of bad luck you will be sitting in a corner, sobbing, contemplating your life choices. Fortunately, you still have the delicious complex flavors of chocolate, coffee, vanilla and whiskey with a hint of laurel in your mouth. Yes Sometimes a beer overwhelms you completely.
Alc 13% EBC 1245 EBU 33Brew my own